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I'm really happy about You visiting my website. I am Loreen - a proud dogmom, fiancé, civil engineer, adventurer & passionate photographer. I can't think about anything that's better than bringing you joy & happiness with my photographs. You want to know mor about me? Well than scroll down an start reading.

Lystrasjon Fotografie

Joy is, when the mind is dancing,
the heart is breathing & the eyes love

Lystrasjon Fotografie

The beginning...


I got my first digital camera ("Digicam") when I was 13 or14 years old. I started to photograph anything & everyone.

When I was about 16  years old, my parents gave me my first real camera (DSLR). Since then I practiced, read & experimented a lot with different styles and genres. Today I do 3 different types of genres: portraits, weddings & dogs.


I don't have a typical family yet but I am a very proud dogmom since 2020. I love my fiancé and my little dog to infinity and beyond and I can't imagine a life without them.


During my spare time I love to take long walks in nature and dream about all those places I still want to visit. When you go out on a hike you'll get to know your environment in a completly different way. You'll see amazing viewpoints & collect memories you'll never forget. .

Why did you became a wedding photographer?

A family member asked me back in 2017 if I would like to photograph they're wedding. I was, and still am to this day, so thankfull for this opportunity because it showed me how much I love to make people happy with my photos and turn they're unique, emotional moments into unforgettable memories.

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