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No path is too long to get to this place where your heart belongs.

How do you call your business? What is it and where does it came from? Why don't you use your name instead?

Most people ask me one of those or similar questions when I tell them how I called my company. If you want to know why I call it like this than scroll down a little further.

Lystrasjon Fotografie
Lystrasjon Fotografie

Sounds familiar?

Do you know that feeling when you "come home"?

I don't mean your house or appartement but this breathtaking feeling when you know you're at the right place on earth. This is how I feel (everytime) when I travel to norway. I feel comfortable, save and I do know that I belong there. 

But what does this have to do with your company name?

Lystrasjon  is a combination of 2 norwegian words.

  Lys                 = light                        Illustrasjon   = illustration

Why did you chose this name?

The answer to that is quite simple. Many photographers just use their own name and just add a photography behind it or something like that. Don't get me wrong this is totally fine by me but I wanted something special. Something that combines my Love to Norway and Photography.

Why did you chose those two words?

The answer to this is a bit more complex. First of all I just like the sound of the combination while you pronounce it and it looks quite nice when you write it down. The other reason is, that photography is all about finding the perfect light but also includes some kind of illusion. You can tell a specific story when you set up your "object" and youre light correctly. You can make people feel the emotions thrugh pictures and light will help you to strengthen that. You can compare it with other artists for example painters. Everyone wants you to feel something or show a reaction. The main difference is that we use different tools and one needs more time to finish the artwork than the other.

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